Property Owners Increasingly Opt For Deconstruction

An Environmentally Conscious Alternative to Demolition

More and more home owners and property developers are asking their contractors to deconstruct, rather than demolish, obsolete or deteriorated buildings on their property. Environmental concern is just one of the reasons for this trend. The high value of copper, steel and other salvagable materials is another incentive, and some property owners find the favorable tax advantages to be yet another factor.

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Deconstruction Explained

Home deconstructionDeconstruction is the systematic dismantling of a structure into its individual components. When carefully dismantled, many of these components can be reused, either on the site or more often, handed over to recyclers that find new uses for the materials. In a world where resources are increasingly scarce, it makes sense to recycle as much as possible.

Environmental Advantages

  1. That which is recycled won't have to go to a landfill
  2. That which is recycled reduces the need to produce more

Added Labor Costs

Deconstruction requires more labor than what it takes to merely bulldoze or otherwise demolish a building. That adds to the cost of deconstruction. Some property owners don't find it in their budgets to pay the higher costs, and therefore stay with demolition. However, there are some mitigating advantages to deconstruction that help serve as added incentive for making the environmentally sensitive choice.

Lower Disposal Costs

Dump fees at the landfill are reduced, since less material will be going there.

Recycled Materials: Reuse, Sell or Donate

Sometimes materials may be reused onsite, for fill or in the mixing of new hardscapes, for example. But generally speaking, the vast majority of recyclable materials will be removed from the site.

Local governmental jurisdictions seek to encourage deconstruction. That's why they have worked to ensure opportunities to recycle salvaged materials. Recycling centers have emerged in virtually every community. Dunn Company knows where to deliver salvaged materials from job sites throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Potential Tax Advantages

A property owner may recompense some of the costs of deconstruction from selling the recycled materials. If the material is instead donated, the market value of the material may be treated as a charitible contribution on the owner's income tax returns. (Don't take our word for it; check with your tax advisor about this.)

How to Know When Deconstruction Makes Sense

The Dunn Company works with property owners to assess the feasibility of deconstruction. We are highly experienced in both demolition and deconstruction. The first step is to get both a deconstruction estimate and a demolition estimate, and compare the two.

Dunn Company also coordinates appraisals of the salvagable materials, and can find sources to donate the recyclable materials. In addition to that, we assist with proper documentation of the materials and their appraised values, as is required to gain any tax advantages from the donation.