reusable lumber from residential deconstruction
This lumber has been dismantled to maximize the reusable portion.
Recyclable concrete and brick spoils from residential deconstruction
Concrete and brick spoils will be recycled into new construction materials.

Deconstruction, an increasingly popular alternative to demolition, is the systematic dismantling of residential buildings. Deconstruction is a proven, environmentally responsible technique for removing unwanted structures. It takes time to dismantle structures while preserving reusable materials. That's why deconstruction ususally costs more than outright demolition. Some of those extra costs can be recovered from selling the salvaged materials. Alternatively, owners may choose to donate the materials and realize a generous tax deduction.

Why Choose Deconstruction Over Demolition?

  • Disassemble and recycle home building materials for reuse or donation
  • Environmentally friendly – sends less debris to the landfills
  • Tax advantages for the property owner

Why Choose Dunn Company?

Dunn Company is a Certified Deconstruction Contractor. Our crews are trained at deconstruction techniques. They know how to dismantle structures while preserving the reusable materials. We also separate recyclable spoils from those that cannot be recycled. Another important skill is knowing how to separate and dispose of hazardous materials, such as surfaces painted with lead-based paint, without creating a health hazard at the deconstruction site.

BBB A-plus Accreditation

Dave C. Dunn Company, Inc. BBB Business Review

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